Business model

Rare and orphan diseases

One of our goals is to bring new drugs on the market to meet unmet medical needs in rare and orphan diseases. It is estimated that there are from 6.000 to 8.000 different types of rare diseases. Appropriate treatments are available for only a limited number. Our objective is to answer to these enormous needs and improve the health and well-being of these patients. We develop and produce innovative solutions in the following therapeutic areas: arrhythmia disorders, inherited bleeding disorders, oncology and endocrinology.

Complex niche generics

We are also developing highly complex generics which may be defined as drugs for which it is particularly difficult to establish therapeutic equivalence as defined in the FDA Orange Book. Hyloris Pharmaceuticals meets the challenge to give all patients access to new generic drugs concentrated on female healthcare.

Drug repurposing

To meet our goals in a timely manner, we smartly balance innovation and repurposing. That approach allows us to discover new uses and indications for already approved drugs. Thanks to this, we provide the quickest possible transition from bench to bedside. From Repurposing to Innovation, discover this new R&D approach through three of our projects:


Our R&D pipeline is very interesting and promising. We plan to continue to strengthen it by evaluating on regular basis potential new projects. In that strategy, partnering is of key importance to us. We partner with university institutes and private companies which allows us to enhance the quality of our research and the presence of our products on the market. 

Visit our Portfolio to know more about our projects in research and development. 

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