Hyloris P-002 Project (NDA) – Pain management

HYLORIS P-002 Project

HYL-P-002 is an injectable formulation of the combination of a NSAID and an analgesic drug to treat mild to severe postoperative and cancer related pain. By combining these compounds, we expect that the synergy of both will allow HYL-P-002 product to be more efficient than each compound taken separately, keeping the dosages in a range which will limit potential adverse effects.



Postoperative acute pain 

Effective postoperative pain control is an essential component of surgical patients care. Inadequate pain control, apart from being inhumane, may result in increased morbidity or mortality. Opioid analgesics have demonstrated effectiveness, but they are associated to troublesome and potentially dangerous side-effects. In addition, their potential for abuse may lead to regulatory and logistical difficulties.

As an alternative, non-opioid analgesic drugs and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have fewer regulatory restrictions, but they also have important adverse effects when administered at high doses and/or long courses.






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